741 New Jersey St

Jack Hope Design turned a vacant and deteriorating building with dirt floors into a unique and artistically designed office building with an attached residence. The stone walls were salvaged and used as a focal point, as they are exposed throughout the interior of the building. The wooden slat roof is also exposed, creating a mix of industrial and historic styles. The building is split into 5 office units with a common area, and a 1 bed, 1 bath residence with a garage and zen garden. The building features antique elements, like light fixtures and is styled to blend the modern sense of clean lines with an art deco flare. The details of these elements can be seen all over, from the carpet and tile choices to the light switches and door knobs. The owners have decorated it was several pieces of art, including Lawrence local artists, like Janet Satz. It is truly a unique and well crafted building that enhances the architectural culture of our community.   


Complete Remodel 


Wearhouse District